Gin & Tonic

Gin & Tonic

Music played by James Coutts

Filmed on the 4th October 2013

(M-(S96+R96)) 3C set Dance 3 times Strathspey and 3 times Reel G Scott Three Hands Across

1- 8 1s+2s dance Espagnole:-

' 1-2 1s+2s cross (Ladies lead across RH passing between Men) with Ladies changing places RH

' 3-4 1s+2s cross back (Men lead across RH between Ladies) with Men changing places RH

' 5-8 2s turn RH as 1s turn LH to face 1st corners

9-16 1s turn 1st corner, partner, 2nd corner and partner

17-24 1s reels of 3 on opposite sides, LSh to 1st corners to start

25-32 1s turn RH, cast, ½ Fig of 8 through 3s

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