Mrs Milne of Kinneff

Mrs Milne of Kinneff

Music played by Neil Hardie

Filmed on the 4th April 2014

(S4x32) Sq.Set Alan MacPherson RSCDS Leaflet Dances 20

1- 8 1s and 3s join hands with partner and adv for 2 steps, turn opposite partner RH once round, retaining         opposite partner hand dance RH across with 2s/4s

9-16 Dancing couples (1M+3L and 1L+3M) facing side couples dance parallel reels of 4 across the dance

17-18 Dancing couples (1M+3L and 1L+3M) set to side couples

19-22 Dancing couples (1M+3L and 1L+3M) dance out between side couples and cast to original places while            side couples separate and dance into centre to meet partners then holding nearer hands dance out to            original places

23-24 All turn partners 2H

25-32 All circle 8H ½ way round to left, ¾ turn partners RH into prom hold (Ladies on inside) and all Promenade 1 place clockwise

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