4th April 2015 - Scott Band and the band

25th July 2014- Ian Cruickshanks and the band

The Grand March The Victory Waltz The Flirtation Two Step The Eightsome Reel The Duke of Perth Henderson's March

4th Ocober 2014- Nicol Mclaren and the band

Strip the Willow Square Paul Jones Mississippi Dip The Dufftown Jig Wilma's Waltz University Waltz Kirkwall Two Step Breakaway Blues The Pride of Erin Waltz De'il Amang the Tailors Waltz Country Dance The Sweetheart Swing The Alberts The Blarney Stone The Newton Two Step The Festival Saunter The Orkney Reel The Celebration Waltz St Cyrus Swing The Gay Gordons Two Step The Kilmorack March The Lomond Waltz The Highland Saunter The Royal Quadrille Waltz for Mabel The Wedding March The Lilac Waltz The Britannia Two Step Old Time Videos

6th December 2014- Graeme Mitchell and the band

The Lancers

24th July 2015- Graeme Mitchell and the band

The Lilac Waltz Bobby Brown's Canadian Breakdown The Hoy Tensome Summertime Tango Mrs Macleod of Raasay Palais Glide The Dinky One Step The Blues Glide Mabel Besant's Two Step The Golden Camper's Circle

5th October 2013 - Ewan Galloway and the band

The Circassian Circle

5th April 2014 - Neil Hardie and the band

Oslo Waltz Sweetheart Swing Waltz for Moira & Andy Progressive Quadrille The Hoy Head Eugene Tango The Longhope Lifeboat The Britannia Two Step Maureen & Colin's Waltz St Magnus Quadrille Waltz of the Bells

3rd October 2015- Robert Whitehead and the band

The Cumberland Square Eight The Dufftown Twirl The Midlem March The Blues Glide The Hesitation Waltz Caddam Wood

5th December 2015- Graeme Mitchell and the band

Sweetheart Waltz Tango Waltz Mayfair Quickstep Boston Two Step The Quadrilles Canadian Barn Dance La Russe Yearning Saunter Southern Rose Waltz Chicago Swing The Veleta Waltz of the Bells
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Eva Three Step Saunter Together Balmoral Tango Primrose Waltz Shiftin' Bobbins Square Tango Virginia Reel Gay Gordons & Waltz of the Bells Circassian Circle

1st April 2016 - Ewan Galloway and the band

White Heather Foxtrot Boston Two Step Dinky One Step Highland Saunter Mayfair Quickstep Henderson's March Celebration Waltz Chicago Swing Midlem March Mississippi Dip Southern Rose Waltz Waltz Country Dance Waltz for Moira & Andy Georgelle Blues The Lancers Circassian Circle Balmoral Blues Black Mountain Reel Killarney Waltz Sindy Swing Grand March Postie's Jig Kirrie March Military Two Step Fiona's Polka Melody Foxtrot Britannia Two Step

29th July 2016 - Ian Cruickshanks and the band

Mabel Besant's Two Step The Flirtation two Step Fiona's Polka The White Heather Foxtrot The Georgella Blues The Hoy Tensome The Mayfair Quickstep The Chicago Swing St Cyrus Swing Lomond Waltz The Circassian Circle

1st October 2016 - Gordon Brown and the band

Eva Three Step, Lomond Waltz, Waltz of the Bells Wilma's Waltz Suzanne Quickstep The Hoy Head

3rd December  2016 - Graeme Mitchell and the band

The Ruby Walz Gypsy Tap Nice to See You King's Waltz The Quadrilles The Eugene Tango Anniversary Two Step

8th April 2017 - Susie Simpson and her band

Kilmorack March London Tango Swedish Masquerade Postie's jig Lieutenant's march Jacqueline Cha Cha Doris Waltz Vienesse Swing

29th July 2017 - Scott band and the band

Circassian Circle Eva Three Step/Lomond Waltz Golden Slipper Two Step Square Tango Mayfair Quickstep Pride of Erin Waltz Virginia Reel

1st December 2017 - Graeme Mitchell and the band

White City Waltz Royal Empress Tango Hoy Tensome Silver Two Step Jazz Twinkle Quadrilles Lancelot Two Step Harry Lime Foxtrot Friendly Waltz

7th April 2018 - Robert Whitehead and the band

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