The Argyll Strathspey

The Argyll Strathspey

Recorded on 2nd October 2015

Music played by Robert Whitehead

(S8x32) 3C (4C set) Roy Goldring RSCDS Bk 35

1- 8 1s+2s+3s ½ turn RH, twirl and dance out to opposite sides and repeat back to place

9-16 1s+2s+3s circle 6H round and back (1s end in centre facing down and 3s in centre facing up)

17-24 1s+3s dance R&L (up and down) and end back on own sides

25-32 1s+2s dance the Tournée:-

' 1s+2s dance into prom hold (Men with partner on right, 1s face M's side and 2s L's side), couples ½ wheel anticlockwise and Men turn Ladies into middle, both couples turn 1½ times (2s RH, 1s LH) and dance out to places

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