The Orcadian Medley

The Orcadian Medley

Recorded on the 1st of April 2016

Music played by James Coutts

64S/64R  - J. Stuart - Square sets of four couples, numbered clockwise


1   -   8        All three-quarter turn partners right hands,  retain hands and ladies give left hands across in centre, Highland                    Schottische  balance in line, turn back to places

9   -  16       Interlocking reels - pass partner right shoulder, next dancer left, next right but loop round to right to face this dancer                   Retrace steps back to places, right shoulder, left, right and loop round to face partners

17  -  24     All set advancing passing partners left shoulders to face next dancer, half turn both hands pulling right shoulders back to                  face next dancer. Repeat and finish facing partners in opposite places

25  -  32     1st and 3rd couples Men`s chain

33  -  40     2nd and 4th couples repeat

41  -  56     Schiehallion reels finish facing partners

57  -  64     Repeat bars 17  -  24 to finish in original places


1   -   8       All clap and dance eight hands round and back

9   -  24     Ladies dance in front of partners behind next and dance right hands across once round,in front of next man, behind next                 and right hands across once round to places

25  -  40    Men dance in front of partners, behind next and dance left hands across once round, in  front of next lady, behind next                 and dance left hands across to places

41  -  48    Giving right hands to partners turn  three quarters, retain hold and ladies give left hands across in centre, all balance in l                 line, half turn to bring men into centre joining left hands across, all balance in line but on second setting step men drop                 hands pulling right  shoulders back to join right hand across in centre, nearer hands to partners - all facing clockwise

49  -  56    All dance clockwise quarter round in big wheel, set, dance another quarter and set

57  -  64    Repeat last eight bars, but on last two bars drop hands and set facing partners, men back to back in centre facing                 partners to acknowledge


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